Anthropologie Snow Globes

mason-jar-snow-globes-anthropologie-inspired 1

The Anthropologie mason jar snow globe has to be one of my favorite mason jar holiday crafts.  Ever.


I debated long and hard if I should even create these jars for the blog.  I mean, you can’t swing a dead cat in blog land without hitting one ….


or three.


They are everywhere.


But in the end, I couldn’t resist.  Especially after the very kind folks at Ball Canning invited me to pick out some mason jars from their Fresh Preserving store to create holiday craft and gift ideas.  It’s part of their 25 Days of Making & Giving Contest (you can find out more at the end of this post) …


So I chose this wide mouth pint jar (click here) and wide mouth quart jar (click here) to use for my Anthropologie mason jar snow globe knock-offs …


mason-jar-snow-globes-anthropologie-inspired-3 2


I already had the smallest half-pint wide mouth jar.  You can find it here …


(And the salt shaker came from the dollar store; and I found the bottle brush trees at the craft store).


These jars are so easy to create.  I started by using glue dots (found at the craft store) …




to secure the trees to the mason jar lids …




Then I poured some Epsom salt into the bottom of the jar …




added the lid …


mason-jar-snow-globes-anthropologie-inspired-how-to-make again


and flipped …




In the end, I’m glad I made these.  It just wouldn’t be right if this iconic mason jar holiday project wasn’t featured here at Mason Jar Craft Love.


mason-jar-snow-globes-anthropologie-inspired-5 1


And today is Day 3 of Ball Canning’s 25 Days of Making & Giving …




Just pin the image above and email your pin to the folks at Ball Canning (  Or you can visit Ball Canning’s 25 Days of Making & Giving Pinterest board (click here) and pin any image from there.  Just  be sure to email Ball Canning with the links to your pins.  The Official Rules can be found here …


You can also find out more on Ball Canning’s Facebook Page.  Just click here …


Good luck!



This post has been sponsored by Ball Canning.  However, any and all opinions are my own.


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  1. Simply Picture Perfect!!! I need a forest of them! : ) hugs…

  2. Elaine Lake says:

    I do something a little more involved, real snowglobes using Mason jars, either the trees or small ornament, Gorilla glue that is 100% water proof, glitter, water and glycern. I love yours as it doesn’t take two days to make them since you don’t have to let the water proof glue dry between steps.

  3. I’m going to make these for friends and family.

  4. Love! Looks so simple to make and so pretty!

  5. I’m so excited I found your blog. A whole blog devoted to mason jar crafts? SQUEE! I found your blog through the Thrifty Decor Chick link up. I really love these little snow globes – they look great! I’d love for you to link up on my blog as well:

  6. In the past, I’ve had epsom salts turn to mush – almost as if they absorb humidity from the air and become the consistency of paste. Has this happened to anyone else who uses epsom salts in crafts? I’d like to make these with the kids who will be here for the holidays, but I don’t want them to be soggy messes by the time they go home.

  7. I just discovered your website recently, and have been pouring over all your craft projects the past two days. I’ve bookmarked darn near every project you have…and WILL get to them sooner rather than later! Keep ‘em coming…as I’m in love with everything you do on this site.


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