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halloween craft spider mason jars

Spider Mason Jars

I’m surprised this particular Halloween mason jar craft hasn’t been created yet. Or if it has, it certainly didn’t show up in my Google search …   I found spiders on jars. And spiders in jars. And spider webs both inside and outside of jars. But not a single craft that turned an actual … [read more...]


Zombie Mason Jars

Just when I thought the blogging and crafting world had exhausted every way a mason jar can be used for Halloween crafts … my daughter handed me this brilliant idea. Zombie mason jars!   I was washing off some acrylic paint from a jar in the kitchen sink and my daughter commented that it … [read more...]

fall craft mason jar

Leaf Mason Jar

It’s almost Fall, y’all!   Yeah, I can’t pull that off. Not with my Jersey-meets-Chicago accent.   But what I can do is share a fabulous fall mason jar project idea. And this works equally as well in the South as it does in the North. Though, come to think of it, the deep South … [read more...]

mason jar craft

Mosaic Mason Jar

Why is it that the start of school also triggers the start of fall? I mean, there are still two weeks left of summer on the calendar.   With that in mind, I’m sharing one last summer project. A mosaic. On a mason jar.   And before I begin my tutorial, I need to give a shout out … [read more...]

country living halloween craft ideas

Halloween Crafts in Jars

I love a good round up of Halloween craft ideas. Especially when that Halloween craft idea round up includes mason jars …   and especially when that mason jar craft round up includes not one, but two of my projects!   When I saw this mason jar Halloween round up circulating on … [read more...]


Easy Patriotic Mason Jars

It’s not too late to add a bit of patriotic red, white, and blue to your Labor Day festivities …   and these darling mason jar flag luminaries are so easy to make.   Seriously.   You can whip them up faster than lighting the grill.   You can find the full … [read more...]

teacher gift ideas

Apple Mason for Teacher

  I started this apple mason jar teacher gift project three weeks ago. Seriously. I spray painted the jars red …   and then the project stalled.   I knew what I wanted to do. In fact, I thought I was being oh so original with this idea (turns out I wasn’t). But then … [read more...]

mason jar crafts

Chalkboard Pencil Holder

You might be sensing a theme here on Mason Jar Crafts Love this week. A theme that involves back-to-school and teacher gift ideas …   Yep. That’s exactly what’s going on. As I mentioned earlier this week, we are gearing up for the first day of school. Which is the Tuesday after Labor Day … [read more...]


Apple Mason Jar

We’re gearing up for back-to-school at the Mason Jar Crafts Love household. And the list of “to do’s” seems never ending …   school supplies … new clothes … haircuts … doctor appointments …   and on and on.   And now I need to add another thing to that list: teacher … [read more...]

how to make citronella candle

Citronella Mason Jars

Summer may be winding down, but I don’t think the mosquitos have gotten the memo yet …   at least not the mosquitos here in the Midwest.   In fact, it seems like they are gearing up for another assault. Only this time stronger. And bolder …   they keep sneaking … [read more...]

bathroom mason jars

Bathroom Organization

It seems like the older my kids get, the messier the bathroom becomes. Which seems counter intuitive. You would think that, as teens who are very capable of putting things away and reaching spaces much taller than I, that they would take responsibility for their things in the bathroom … [read more...]

teacher gift idea back to school

Pencil Mason Jar

I’ve heard rumors that it’s back-to-school season. In fact, I know of some people whose kids have been back to school for weeks …   So sad!   My kids still have a few weeks left. Chicago public schools aren’t in session until the Tuesday after Labor Day. Which gives me plenty … [read more...]

dinner roll recipe

Buttermilk Roll in Mason Jar

When someone puts dinner rolls on the table, I’m all in. As in pass-the-basket-asap-and-don’t-forget-the-butter-all-in all in!   So when I spotted this amazing dinner rolls in mason jars and I couldn’t resist sharing them here with you. Oh, and they’re whole wheat and buttermilk. Which … [read more...]


Can-It-Forward Day is Here!

It’s finally here! Today is International Can-It-Forward Day, presented by Jarden Home Brands. It’s an event where you can participate in a live webcast with Chef Hugh Acheson!  The event, which takes place on ground in Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers Market, is filled with canning demos, … [read more...]

ball mason jar

Mason Jar Giveaways

Did you know that Saturday, August 16 is International Can-It-Forward Day?   And did you know in celebration of International Can-It-Forward Day, Jarden Home Brands will host an event featuring renowned chef and Bravo’s Top Chef judge, Hugh Acheson?   And did you know you can … [read more...]