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Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Teacher Gifts

No. 2 Pencil Mason Jar Teacher Gift

No. 2 Pencil Mason Jar Teacher Gift - Glitter Apple Mason Jar Teacher Gift.  Yes, I realize it's two days in a row with mason jar teacher gifts. And not just any mason jar teacher gift. But two days of pencil mason jar teacher gifts ...   I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I just loved … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Teacher Gift

Pencil Mason Jar Teacher Gift

Pencil Mason Jar Teacher Gift Idea.  I don't know why the end of the school year catches me off guard each year ...   it just kind of creeps up out of nowhere!   Wasn't it just yesterday that we were bundled up in coats and gloves and scarves? Pushing through the wind on … [read more...]

Wedding Table number ideas with Mason Jars

Mason Jar Table Number Markers

Mason Jar Table Number Markers - Wedding Table Ideas.  Tis the season for weddings!   Oh how I wish mason jar crafts were popular when I married (which, by the by, we celebrated 22 years this past weekend!). My wedding would have been filled with mason jars ...   I would … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas with Paint: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Mason Jars

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Mason Jars

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Mason Jars - Old White.  I've lost count of how many mason jars I've painted and distressed in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White ...   These, by far, are my biggest seller at the Etsy shop. And I can see why. The neutral color complements almost any decor. … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts - Summer Decor with Mason Jars - Fishnet Mason Jar

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar.  This fishnet wrapped mason jar project brings me back to days of yore ....   the days of 70's summer camp craft projects.   Though, back in the decade where Marcia, Marcia, Marcia ruled the teen scene and Friday nights were all about who would … [read more...]

Teacher Gift Ideas with Mason Jars

Teacher Gift Mason Jars

Teacher Gift Mason Jars.  It's that time of year again. The end of the school year is nearing. And it's time to try and figure out a teacher gift idea.   How about a cute, original teacher gift idea that the kids can help you create?   And how about a cute, original … [read more...]

Shabby Chic Decor Ideas - Painted French Script Mason Jars

French Painted Mason Jars

We've been feeling a little bit French over here at casa Mason Jar Crafts Love. My daughter is taking her first year of French in high school. She also is talking non-stop about her plans to study and travel abroad - starting in France, of course ...   So it should come as no surprise as … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas or Mother's Day

Thumbprint Flower Mason Jar

Thumbprint Flower Mason Jar.   Sunflowers in a sunflower painted mason jar. To some it may seem redundant ...   but to me it seems fitting. :)   This thumbprint flower mason jar is such a simple project. One that's a great mason jar craft idea to make with the kids. Sure, … [read more...]

Mason Jar Printable - Calendar Page Printable - Mason Jar with Flowers Clip Art

May Calendar Page Printable

May Calendar Page Printable - Mason Jar with Flowers Free Printable.  Click here to download May 2016 mason jar calendar page printable.   To my dear, dear, dear mason jar craft loving readers,   Can you ever forgive me?   I realize this May calendar page printable … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Mason Jar Gift

Mother's Day Mason Jar Gift: Mason Jar Picture Frame. It's almost that time of year again. The most exciting ... and important ... day of the year.   Mother's Day!   It's time to show your mom how much you love her. How much you appreciate her. How much you know how much … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts - Painted Distressed Mason jars

Blue, Green, Gray Mason Jar Wedding Vases

Blue, Green, Gray Wedding Vases with Painted, Distressed Mason Jars.  Contrary to popular belief, all my painted and distressed mason jar creations are not always my own. Sometimes the best of ideas come from my customers ...   like these blue, green, and gray wedding vases from … [read more...]

Healthy Smoothie Recipe with Almond Milk

Almond Milk Smoothie Recipe

Almond Milk Smoothie Recipe - Peanut Butter Banana.  My husband works for the dairy industry. So you can imagine his reaction when almond milk showed up in our refrigerator ... and when I pulled out the blender to test out almond milk smoothie recipes. ;) It's a good thing he loves me. Because … [read more...]

April Calendar Page Printable - free calendar printable

April Calendar Page

April showers bring ... a free April calendar page printable: Just in time for the 1st of the month. No fooling around here today. Just an honest too goodness real, working link to an honest to goodness free mason jar calendar page printable for April 2016.   To download your own … [read more...]

Easter Craft Ideas with Mason jars

Mason Jar Easter Craft: Candy Jar

There's something about Easter crafts with jars that brings out the little kid in me ...   and I find myself drawn to Easter and mason jar crafts that skew cutsie. Like these adorable Easter candy jars.   I mean, how could you resist? There's so much good stuff … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft for Easter: Painted Chick Mason Jar

Peeps Mason Jars for Easter

How to Make Painted Peeps Mason Jars for Easter: Mason Jar Craft Idea for Easter.  I have to admit a super secret truth here: I've been getting painted mason jar ideas from nail art. Like these painted and distressed peeps mason jars for Easter. I first spotted this design on a nail ... … [read more...]