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painted mason jar

Marble Look Painted Mason Jar

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the painted mason jar …   having painted one or two …   okay, more like hundreds upon hundreds …   of mason jars myself.   But my painted mason jars only involve a single color. Applied in multiple layers. So when I saw … [read more...]

easter candy

Easter Trail Mix

Why is it that just about every holiday comes with food? And not healthy food. No, things that are rich and sweet and delicious …   foods you can’t stop eating.   Foods like this Easter candy trail mix.   Yum!   And I love how the mason jar was dressed up … [read more...]


Easter Muddy Buddy Mix

This colorful, candy-coated Easter Chex Mix sounds like the perfect combo of sweet and salty …   and I’m a huge fan of the sweet with the salty!   Jenn at The Rebel Chick suggests mixing up this recipe with the kids. And then, of course, packing it up in a mason jar … [read more...]

Easter Free Printable

Easter Treat Jars & Printable

The ladies at Uncommon Designs blog have some of the cutest mason jar crafts around. Take these adorable Easter treat jars …   I love that they used the mini mason jars for these. Perfect size for individual gifts for kids.   But my favorite is the Bunny Tails jar topper – … [read more...]


Peeps Milkshake

My brother-in-law is a huge Peeps fan. As in he actually eats them …   and here I thought they were just for kids!   I haven’t had a peep in … oh … more years than I’d like to share here! But this Peep milkshake from Kleinworth & Co. has me thinking I may need to … [read more...]

Easter Basket Idea Mason Jar

Mason Jar Easter Basket

Easter crafts are all about the cuteness, right? How could they not be what with all the cute fuzzy bunnies and cute fuzzy little chicks  ….   and how or why cute fuzzy bunnies and fuzzy chicks have become synonymous with Easter is beyond me.   All I know I know is that this … [read more...]

Easter Craft Idea with Mason Jars

Mason Jar Easter Chick

This mason jar Easter chick is beyond cute …   it’s truly, marvelously clever too!   The use of material for the wings is ingenious … and I’m not going to tell you what was used. Nope. I’m going to send you to Shaken Together blog for the instructions.   Oh, and … [read more...]

mason jar candle

Mason Jar Candle

I’ve been a bit obsessed with mason jar candles. I have my melting pot and wax and wicks and scented oils all ready to go …   but I haven’t yet melted that wax.   I’m not really sure what I’ve been waiting for  …   perhaps some inspiration …   like this … [read more...]

lemon meringue pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon meringue pie conjures memories of Spring. And Easter …   Easter dinners following Easter Mass.   My sisters and brother and I all dressed up in our new Easter finest.  Us three girls in varying hues of pastels. With matching coats. And hats. And gloves. And shiny white … [read more...]

wind chime diy

Mason Jar Wind Chime

I think I may just be in love with this mason jar wind chime …   and I’m not even a wind chime fan.   But when I first spotted this wind chime floating around Pinterest, I knew I had to share it here. With all of you …   my fellow mason jar craft … [read more...]

painted mason jar

Striped Painted Mason Jar

In anticipation of the first day of Spring, I’m sharing yet another Spring-y painted mason jar. Though, I didn’t paint this pretty striped jar …   The lovely Carrie at Lovely Etc. created this masterpiece. I especially love the vintage jar she chose.   Carrie offers a full … [read more...]

mason jar vase

Painted Mason Jars for Spring

It was just about this time last year that I painted my first mason jar. Well, not just one. My painted mason jars featured a set in fun, Spring-y colors …   I had originally posted the jars on my other blog, It All Started With Paint. At the time, I was questioning if I should sell them … [read more...]

mason jar crafts

Green & Gold Mason Jars

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   In celebration of all that is green and pot o’ gold, I thought I’d share some of my favorite mason jar green and gold St. Patrick Day craft ideas:   1. Gold Glitter Mason Jar Candles from Madigan Made 2. St. Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Mason Jars … [read more...]

vintage mason jar green

Green Mason Jar Giveaway

What more do I have to say?   I’m giving away one case of Ball Canning’s Vintage Style Green Mason jars to one lucky winner.     A second lucky winner will receive Ball Canning’s new Décor lids. One package of green (6 lids included/package) and one package of vibrant … [read more...]


St. Patrick Day Gift Idea

Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is all about the green. But we can’t forget the infamous colorful rainbow. You know the one …   the one that leads to a pot of gold!   The lovely ladies at Uncommon Designs are as nuts about crafting and cooking and gifting with mason jars as I am. And … [read more...]