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Etched Mr. & Mrs. Mason Mugs

I’ve been wanting to etch mason jars for the longest time …   and for the longest time I’ve had all the materials. Clean surface mason jar mugs. Check. Adhesive letter stickers. Check. Etching medium. Check.   I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner. It truly is really … [read more...]

ball purple mason jars

Purple Mason Jar Giveaway

Are you itching to get your hands on the new Ball purple mason jars?   The won’t be in stores until March – and you can preorder a case on – but I’m giving away two cases today!   That’s right. The amazing purple jars from Jarden Home Brands, makers of … [read more...]

football party ideas

Football Mason Jars

I’ll admit that I’m not a big football fan …   I only know that Seattle and New England will be playing in this year’s big Bowl game because I have a sister-in-law in each state. So some jovial pre-game rivalry has kicked off.   But I do like the commercials. And the food … [read more...]

valentine day craft

Painted Mason Jar Lantern

  Did you know there is a mason jar lantern kit that can be found at most grocery stores to convert your mason jars look like lanterns?   I had no idea such a thing existed …   I’m flabbergasted …   and thrilled!   But the oh so clever Jessica … [read more...]

free printable valentine's day

Free Mason Jar Art

On my other blog, It All Started With Paint, I decided to try my hand at creating a free mason jar printable. For Valentine’s Day.   So I purchased some affordable mason jar clip art from an Etsy shop. An then I played around with the offerings in the PicMonkey online photo editing … [read more...]

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe healthy recipe

Chicken Pot Pies in Jars

Do you know what my favorite part about these mini mason jar chicken pot pies?   No, it’s not how super cute they look. Which, by the way, they really do look super cute.   No, it’s not how delicious they look.  Which, by the way, they really do look delicious.   No, … [read more...]

valentine craft ideas

Valentine Mason Jars

  Sometimes it’s fun to DIY your own Valentine’s mason jars with paint and sandpaper …   … and sometimes it’s more fun to just order them from and Etsy shop.   I’ve recently made the acquaintance of Kelly at Kelly’s Creative Outlet on Etsy. She was kind enough to … [read more...]

valentine day craft for kids

Tissue Paper Votives

This is a perfect Valentine’s Day mason jar craft for kids …   It’s a classic.   Tissue paper and glue.   Sure it’s messy. But that’s half the fun. For the kids anyway.   Plus it’s inexpensive. Who doesn’t have some tissue paper hanging around. And perhaps … [read more...]


$20-A-Week Challenge

Remember last year when I shared the genius 52 week mason jar money challenge?   I loved that idea. I even started my own. Which lasted a few months …   until I started raiding the jar. To pay for all those morning before school expenses that pop up when you have kids. My … [read more...]

mason jar craft ideas

Top 10 Reader Favorites

I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what mason jars craft projects received the most love in 2015. Drum roll please … #10 – Mercury Glass Mason Jar How To #9 – Mason Jar Valentine Ideas #8 – Holiday Gift Foods in Jars Ideas #7 – Scrubs, Rubs & Salts #6 – Mason Jar … [read more...]


A Look Behind the Scenes

Cost Plus World Market Product Sources: Twist Swivel Stool | Wire 3-Tier Glass Drying Rack | Metal Clamp Task Lamp | Magnifying Glass on Stand | Jayden Metal Shelf Unit   Up until yesterday, all my mason jar craft love making to share with you here on the blog … and to sell at my Etsy shop … [read more...]


Mason Jar Lid Wreath

I grew up with tinsel. Not the single strands kind of tinsel. But the garland tinsel.   And I can’t help but wonder if anyone does the tinsel anymore? Or has it been replaced by ribbons?   When I made this mini tinsel wreath ornament using a mason jar band on my other blog, It … [read more...]

thanksgiving centerpiece

Give Thanks Jars

Are you excited for Thanksgiving?   Or maybe I should ask, are you ready for Thanksgiving?   Because Thanksgiving is all about the prep. Starting with fighting your way through the grocery store and battling it out in the produce section for that last bag of cranberries. Then … [read more...]

mason jar christmas craft

Mason Jar Lid Ornament

I’ve been neglecting this blog. And I’m so sorry about that. But I have a good excuse. Okay, maybe not good. But there is an excuse ….   You see, I’ve spent the past 12 days on the other blog, It All Started With Paint, creating and posting about 12 Days of Christmas ornaments. It … [read more...]

turkey mason jar

Turkey Glitter Jar

I discovered something yesterday. The reign of the glass baby food jar may be over.   And that made me sad.   I mean, if baby food no longer comes in little glass jars then how can someone make this adorable glittery turkey using a baby food jar?   I think we need to … [read more...]