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Mason Jar Craft Idea for Valentine's Day

Heart Jar Craft

Heart Jar Craft I realize hearts and Valentine's Day go hand-in-hand. And now is the time of year when crafty folks (like myself) are seeking out Valentine  craft ideas. Typically with hearts. And reds and pinks. And, in my case, with mason jars. But why must hearts be confined to a single day? … [read more...]

How To Paint Refrigerator

Ball Mason Jar Painted Refrigerator

This painted refrigerator has left me speechless. And when my blogging friend sent me the link, I knew I had to share it here with all of you!   I mean, have you ever seen anything like this? A refrigerator painted to look like a Ball mason jar!   It's truly a clever idea. And … [read more...]

February 2016 Calendar Page - Mason Jar Calendar Page - Free Printable

February 2016 Calendar Page – Free Printable

Click here to download/print FREE printable February calendar page.   It's hard to believe we're getting ready to say goodbye to January 2016 ...   and hello to February.   At the risque of sounding cliche, time truly does fly.   My daughter is half way done … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts: Desk Organizers

Mason Jar Desk Accessories

Is your desk a mess? Because mine is. Well, more like was ...   right on up until I created some cute mason jar desk accessories. So easy. So pretty.   And now my desk is the envy of the rest of the house. Because the rest of my space is not organized. Nor … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts: Super Bowl Party Ideas with Painted Mason Jars

Football Party Mason Jars

Can we talk Super Bowl? Or, more accurately, Super Bowl parties ...   I'll admit I'm not much for game watching. However, I do enjoy the ad watching. And the half time show antics and mishaps (can you say left shark?).  And then there's the food. Definitely worth all the game day … [read more...]

Stenciled Mason jar Glass

Stenciled Mason Jar Glass

I'm not an inspirational quote kind of gal. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's my inner cynic? Perhaps because they come with too much pressure? All I know is this inspirational stenciled mason jar glass really spoke to me ...   and squashed my inner cynic.   I think I like most … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Storage Ideas

Mason Jar Baker’s Twine Holders

I'm not sure how I survived for so many years without crafting with baker's twine. It wasn't even on my radar.I didn't know where to buy it. I didn't know who to use it. I just assumed baker's twine was only to be found in bakeries ...   you know, wrapped around those plain white bakery … [read more...]

Bathroom Storage Ideas with Mason Jars

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage & Accessories

I've seen these painted and distressed mason jar bathroom storage and accessories sets on Etsy for the past year or so and have to admit I've been intrigued ... My first concern has been durability. Especially if you're using craft paint. It's water soluble. And even with a top clear coat, I … [read more...]

Bathroom Storage Solutions Mason-Jar-Tissue-Holder @landeelu

Bathroom Storage: Mason Jar Tissue Holder

  My bathroom needs some help. It's not organized.  At all. In fact, some might call it a mess ...   and it's definitely not stylishly organized with a mason jar tissue holder.   How cute is this bathroom storage idea?   And how much do I wish I had come … [read more...]

Spice Jar Labels - Free Printables

Free Printable Mason Jar Spice Jar Labels

Click here to download and print your free mason jar spice jar labels Remember last week when I shared a brilliant way to organize your spices with mason jars (here)? Well, that idea inspired me .... ... to create a set of free printable labels to fit those mason jar tops. Using a chalkboard … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Custom Kitchen Jars

Just when I thought clear glass storage jars in the kitchen couldn't be any more functional -- or cute -- I stumbled across these DIY paint dipped jars at This Little Street ...   flour and oats never looked so good! ;)   This is a fun idea if you want to add a little color and … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas - Desk Organizing Idea - Composition Book Mason Jar Pencil Holder

Desk Organizer Idea: Composition Book Mason Jar

Now, I realize this desk organizer idea for pens and pencils using a mason jar painted to look like a school composition is probably more appropriate for back to school season ...   or teacher gift time.   But I couldn't help it. I couldn't wait. I had to share these … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason Jar Spice Storage

Mason Jar Spice Storage Do you have a spice drawer or a spice cabinet? Or, more importantly, are your spices organized? Are your spices stored away so that you can easily grab what you need when you need it?   Yeah, me neither.   I have no spice storage system. Mine are shoved … [read more...]

Mason Jar Calendar Printable

Free Printable: Mason Jar Calendar

Click here to download and print the FREE mason jar calendar page printable for January 2016.   I'm starting the year off with a FREE calendar printable for you, featuring a mason jar of course. With snowflakes because ... well ... January is winter. Well, winter here in the Midwest. And I … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Organization

Mason Jar Shakers

I may or may not have chosen to share these adorable Mason Jar Shakers created by Mom 4 Real because I'm craving what they've been shaken on ... ;) Seriously, though. Don't you want to take a huge bite out of that French Toast and then wash it down with a sip of a Cinnamon sprinkled whip cream … [read more...]