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mason jar craft

Mason Jar Aquarium

Looking for a fun summer activity to keep the kids amused and entertained for hours? This mason jar aquarium might just fit the bill …   Oh, and rest assured that no real fish were harmed in the creation of this project. You can find the tutorial for this super cute and clever … [read more...]

mason jar craft

Green Mason Jar Planter

I have a case of the green mason jars but haven’t quite figured out what I want to do with them. That is until I spotted this amazing hanging planter idea from Redhead Can Decorate …   How fun! How clever!   I mean, really. This is an amazing idea! And I just love how she added … [read more...]

painted mason jars

Pink & Gold Painted Jars

You all know I love a painted and distressed mason jar project. But do you know what I love even more than a painted mason jar project? One that was almost a fail …   but was rescued in the end. A painted mason jar project that combined talent and ingenuity to create something beautiful. … [read more...]

mason jar craft

Gold Leaf Mason Jars

My friend Cassie at Primitive & Proper is a master of painted furniture. So it should be no surprise when she turned her furniture painting talents to mason jars, they turned out fabulous!   Though, technically, this isn’t a paint treatment. She did use gold leaf, after all … [read more...]

candy popcorn recipe

Patriotic Popcorn

Some may say that red, white, and blue colored food is unappetizing. And you know what I say to those naysayers? I say,   “but have you seen this red, white, and blue candy coated popcorn?”   and …   “how could you resist not popping a few of those colorful kernels … [read more...]


Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple and I go way back. All the way back to the good ship lollipop …. She was my all time favorite. I just loved watching her old movies on a Saturday morning with my dad (he, too, was a sucker for old movies).   When we went out to an actual restaurant for a family … [read more...]


Cherry Limeade

When I spotted this copycat Sonic cherry limeade recipe at Lil’ Luna, I knew I had to share it here. It seemed like a perfect concoction to enjoy on a sunny summer day.   I also knew I would have to fess up to a truth. You see, I’ve never been to Sonic. So I won’t be able to vouch for if … [read more...]

almond milk smoothie recipe

Chocolate Smoothie

Can you guess my favorite part of this chocolate almond smoothie? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with an “s” and ends with a “y.”   Yep. The whole skinny part is what interests me.   You see, I’m on a diet. Again. Though this time it seems to be working. As long as I keep my … [read more...]

ice coffee recipe

Ice Coffee

What does is say about me that I prefer my tea hot, and my coffee cold? Iced cold …   It probably says that I’m not a southern girl (which I’m not). But this iced coffee that I’m offering up here today isn’t your run of the mill coffee over ice. Nope. This here iced coffee has some … [read more...]

red white blue mason jar

Stars & Stripes Lanterns

When I saw these red, white, and blue mason jars, I clunked my head …   and then I fell off my chair.   I mean, how genius is this take on the American flag mason jar design? So simple to add a few dots and stars so that these amazing jars can be lit up at … [read more...]

fourth of july decoration idea

Patriotic Candle Holders

Is it just me, or are mason jars becoming a Fourth of July celebration staple? Just take a look at Pinterest and you’ll find a ton of red, white, and blue mason jar craft ideas …   I shouldn’t be surprised by this turn of events.. Mason jars are American invented and American made, after … [read more...]

mason jar hanger

Leather Mason Jar Hanger

Would you believe that’s a pickle jar hanging up there? That’s right. An upcycled …   or recycled …   or repurposed …   pickle jar.   A very stylish one, at that. It’s enough to make me want to eat my way through that jar of Vlasic Dill Spears sitting in … [read more...]

drink recipe in mason jar

Strawberry Pineapple Drink

Wasn’t it so nice to finally enjoy some nice, warm weather this past weekend? I even pulled out my beach chair and caught some rays in the back yard. And let me tell you, it was hot in the sun. Very hot. A heat that would’ve been nice to break up with a super cool and refreshing drink served in a … [read more...]

red white blue crafts

Fourth of July in Mason Jars

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, so I’ve pulled together some fabulous red, white, and blue mason jar ideas using mason jars for you! I know, I know, you can thank me later …   you know, after your Fourth of July barbecue guests ooh and aah over your creativity and … [read more...]

memory jar

Vacation Memory Jar

This post brought to you by FrogTape Brand Painter’s Tape. All opinions are 100% mine. If you told me I could only pick one vacation destination that I could visit for the rest of my life, I would pick the beach. Hands down.   I’m a beach girl through-and-through. I grew up with sand … [read more...]