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natural home fragrance ideas using fruit and herbs

Fragrance in a Jar

We typically use candles to change the fragrance in our home. Especially when cooking something especially fragrant …   like garlic …   and bacon …   Both of which I love the smell of at the time they’re being cooked. But a few hours later? Not so … [read more...]

mason jar craft

St. Pat’s Shamrock Jars

I’ve got all things Irish on my mind these days. Starting with shamrocks. And gold. And gold glittery shamrocks …   painted on green mason jars.   So cute!   What a clever crafting idea for those limited edition green jars! I may need to pull mine out and give them … [read more...]

mason jar craft

Mason Jar Aquarium

On this chilly winter day – a chilly winter day in Chicago sporting sub-zero wind chills -- I needed a burst of warmth. And cheer …   … and this darling mason jar aquarium fit the bill. To perfection.   It’s like a mini Caribbean vacation in a jar!   Such a clever … [read more...]

St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas

Shamrock Mason Jars

When I was young and single and carefree, St. Patrick’s Day was a favorite holiday to celebrate. It comes with no couples pressure like it’s predecessor, Valentine’s Day. There is no gift giving stress. And the food and drink are easy …   boil some meat and cabbage in a pot. Serve with a … [read more...]


Valentine’s Day Crafts

Still looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve collected 30+ fabulous way to share the love. With mason jars, of course! Jar of Hearts at Polka Dot Chair Glitter Heart Votives at Mason Jar Crafts Love Doilies & Heart Jars at … [read more...]

mason jar craft for valentine's day

Painted Heart Jars

You know I love a good painted mason jar craft. And this one has truly captured my heart.   Tee hee.   I know, I know. How corny, right? But I couldn’t resist …   Plus, I’m running out of ways to introduce another Valentine’s Day craft with mason … [read more...]

mason jar craft ideas for valentine's day

Doilies & Heart Jars

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought I’d keep it simple around here …   and what could be more simple than some tea dyed doilies and felt hearts and yarn?   Such a cute vintage-look idea to add a touch of Valentine’s Day to your décor.   You can find … [read more...]

mason jar craft ideas for valentine's day

Jar of Hearts

This jar of hearts is so perfect in it’s simplicity!   A jar. An arrow. A Be Mine card.   Perfection!   This will truly help you win the heart of your loved ones!   You can find the tutorial – along with a free printable for that Be Mine car – at Polka Dot … [read more...]

mason jar craft ideas for valentine's day

Valentine Mason Jar Lids

Who says mason jar Valentine’s crafts are limited to the mason jar itself? Often times with the lid being overlooked …   But with these adorable stitched Valentine card mason jar lids, you don’t need to bother painting or glittering the jar itself. Just fill it with some heart-shaped … [read more...]

mason jar craft ideas for valentine's day

Gold Heart Mason Jars

Desiree at The 36th Avenue always …. always … has the best craft projects!   And she always … always … makes it easy for use to replicate her amazing craft projects.  Right on down to the tiny details: offering us a free Valentine’s Day card printable to finish off our amazing gold … [read more...]

mason jar craft for valetine's day

Valentine Glitter Votives

There’s a lot of glitter … and glittering …  going on around here. I’m pretty sure I’ll be vacuuming up glitter right on up until Valentine’s Day. And probably beyond …   Glitter never really, truly goes away, does it?   But these mason jar heart votives turned out so cute. … [read more...]

mason jar craft idea

Heart Jars

Are you feeling it yet? You know, the feeling of love?   Heart-related projects are flying all around the Internets. You can’t swing a dead cat on Pinterest without landing on a Valentine’s Day theme craft or project.   Like these darling spray painted heart … [read more...]

valentine day gift idea

Hugs & Kisses Mason Jars

Sometimes we overthink things. Try to hard to make complicated hand-made gifts. When sometimes …   … like this time …   simplicity rules.   I mean, what says I love you more than a  blue mason jar with a simple chalkboard heart with the word hugs? Written in … [read more...]


Etched Mr. & Mrs. Mason Mugs

I’ve been wanting to etch mason jars for the longest time …   and for the longest time I’ve had all the materials. Clean surface mason jar mugs. Check. Adhesive letter stickers. Check. Etching medium. Check.   I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner. It truly is really … [read more...]

ball purple mason jars

Purple Mason Jar Giveaway

Are you itching to get your hands on the new Ball purple mason jars?   The won’t be in stores until March – and you can preorder a case on – but I’m giving away two cases today!   That’s right. The amazing purple jars from Jarden Home Brands, makers of … [read more...]