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Mason Jar Crafts: American Flag Mason Jar

American Flag Mason Jar Giveaway!

  I've giving away this American flag mason jar set. Well, not this exact set. But I will custom make a replicate set for one lucky winner ...   This is popular seller at my Etsy shop. And I also share a detailed tutorial on how I made these as well (for those feeling crafty) … [read more...]

Blue Tinted Mason Jar

Blue Tinted Mason Jars

I was hanging out on Pinterest this morning, looking for Father's Day gift ideas (in mason jars, of course) when a project caught my eye ...   It was a claim. A bold statement. It said this is the easiest and mess free way to tint your mason jars.   And not just to get that … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts - Red White Blue Layered Drink

Layered Drink

Happy Memorial Day! Here's hoping you're having a wonderful, sun filled long weekend ...   and that you've had a chance to fire up that barbecue!   And you know what goes great with barbecue AND will amazing your guests?   Red, white, and blue layered drinks … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft: Red White Blue Rice Candle Centerpiece

Patriotic Rice Candles

There are so many things to love about a Memorial Day backyard barbecue. The friends. The family. The food. The libations ...   but my favorite part?   The after.   After the grill has been turned off and the paper plates and paper cups and plastic forks have been … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts: Red White & Blue Painted Mason Jars

Red White Blue Mason Jars

Once again, Memorial Day has snuck up on me.   How could it be this weekend?   And I see Memorial Day as the kick-off of the Red, White & Blue season ...   The Patriotic Months. And the Patriotic Picnics and Barbecues.   Memorial Day. Fourth of July. … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Graduation Gifts

Graduation Mason Jars

According to my Facebook news feed ... which, by the by has become my new source of world events ... graduation season is here.   Because, mixed in with all the Prom and Spring Formal pictures are the college graduation shots. Replete in cap in gown. Some big stadium shots. Some smaller … [read more...]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas: Homemade Bath Salts

Bath Salts: Lavender Mint

Nothing says I love you mom on Mother's Day like a homemade gift of lavender mint scented bath salts ...   packaged nice and pretty in a mason jar, of course.   And, no, this gift doesn't say, Mom you smell stinky and need to take a bath. Pronto.   Nope. Not at all. … [read more...]

Mason Jar Drink Ideas

Mason Jar Cocktails

This Mother's Day, forget the flowers. Forget the chocolates. Heck, forget the card ...   And give mom the gift of a good stiff drink. :)   In a mason jar, of course!   These mason jar cocktail mixers are so clever. And the combinations are endless.   In … [read more...]

Preserve Fresh Basil in Mason Jars

Fresh Basil In Mason Jars

There's nothing better than fresh basil. On pizza. On pasta. Mixed in a fresh pesto recipe.   Only problem? I can't seem to use it before it spoils.   I'm guilty of buying the pre-packaged fresh basil from the grocery store. Mostly because my attempts at keeping a fresh basil … [read more...]

mason jar planter ideas

Mason Jar Herb Garden

I fear I'm botanically challenged. But that doesn't stop me from dreaming ...   sigh.   In fact, I picked up a herb plant at the grocery store last week. Basil. I've watered it. I've shown it the sun. I haven't yet talked to it ...   but it's dying.   It's … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts: Mondrian Look Mason Jar Tutorial

Mondrian Mason Jars

  I've been thinking about making some type of stained glass mason jars for a long time now. And every time I crossed paths with my Gallery Glass faux stain glass supplies I was reminded of this idea ...   and then I would forget.   Out of sight, out of … [read more...]

citronella candle diy

Citronella Candles

There are many things I love about summer. But mosquitos aren’t one of those things.   In fact, I’m a mosquito magnet. I can barely step outside at dusk without being bitten. And forget working in the garden. I have to do a full-on DEET spray down before I can tackle and yard … [read more...]

blue glass backsplash using vintage mason jars

Mason Jar Backsplash

Some of you may shudder at the sight of broken mason jars …   others will marvel at this amazing mosaic backsplash created with those broken mason jars.   And me?    Count me among the marvel-ers!   I mean, you have to admit this blue glass mason jar … [read more...]

mason jar craft

Mason Jar Cupcake Holder

More often than not, the simplest of ideas are the most brilliant of ideas.   Like this cupcake in a mason jar gift.   So simple.   So brilliant.   So amazingly delicious looking (and, I’m guessing, tasting!).   You can find the full tutorial at … [read more...]


Bride & Groom Mason Jars

Wedding season has arrived …   Well, the Spring and Summer wedding seasons. Because I think we all know that weddings take place all year long.   Spring weddings (like mine) set against a backdrop of colorful new blooms …   Summer weddings at the beach … [read more...]