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Mason Jar Crafts for Christmas: Ford Woody Station Wagon Snow Globe

Car in Jar Snow Globe

I realize we're only a few weeks into Fall. I realize we still have Halloween crafts in mason jars to make. I realize we still have Thanksgiving crafts in mason jars to make. But can you forgive me for jumping ahead to Christmas ...   just this one time?   Because, quite … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts for Fall

Fall Mason Jars

Have you embraced fall yet? I know we're just a few days in and the temperatures (in Chicago at least) are not yet fall-ish, but I'm feeling the vibe.   As are the crafters on the internet.   Take for example this fall mantel featuring ...   you guessed it … [read more...]

Homemade Soft Scrub Recipe

Homemade Soft Scrub Recipe

There are a lot of things I wish I was. Thinner. Younger. Smarter ...   and a better keeper of the house.   And when I say better keeper of the house, I mean I wish I was more diligent about cleaning.   Because I'm not.   I go in spurts of crazy … [read more...]

Tiramisu Recipe: No Bake Individual Portions in Mason Jars

Mason Jar Tiramisu

Why is it every time I start a new diet, I'm suddenly bombarded with images and recipes for delicious desserts? No matter where I log on to -- Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram -- I keep finding my friends sharing their newest creations.   Or maybe a great tiramisu in a mason jar … [read more...]


Macrame Mason Jar Holder

I remember when macrame made it's first appearance on the fashion and home decor scene. And my friends and I would spend hours creating our macrame creations.   A favorite was a macrame plant holder. We would hang them in our rooms filled with spider plants.   And they would … [read more...]

Fall Craft Ideas with Mason Jars: Leaf Luminary

Maple Leaf Mason Jar

A few weeks ago I shared the photo above of painted maple leaf mason jar luminaries on my Mason Jar Crafts Love Facebook fan page (here). It popped up in my personal newsfeed and I thought my fellow mason jar fans would love it.   And boy did they love it.   It turns out the … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts for Halloween

Halloween Mason Jars

Please accept my sincerest of sincere apologies. Because I am not going to share a tutorial on how I made these adorable Frankenstein, pumpkin, and mummy mason jars.   This post is a blatant plug for my Mason Jar Crafts for Kids book available on and and … [read more...]

Fairy Jar Tutorial

Mason Jar Fairy Jar

Remember the days of catching fireflies in jars? It always sounded fun to me, right on up to the point where I had to touch a bug ...   Ugh!   That part was not so fun. So I let my brother catch them for me while I held the jar.   Some creative (and perhaps … [read more...]

Teacher Gift Idea: Mason Jar Pencil Holder with Flower Pencils

Teacher Gift Idea: Flower Pencils

I have a friend in Georgia whose children went back to school last week.   LAST WEEK!   How could that be? We're still in the throes of summer here in Chicago. The sun has finally come out. The humidity and crazy hot temperatures have finally arrived. Beach days spread out … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts: Painted Floral Pink Marimekko Inspired Design

Marimekko Mason Jar

  I fell in love with Marimekko fabric the minute I set eyes on it. So fun. So vibrant.   So expensive!   Yes, I was not in love with the price per yard. So very, very out of my league.   So what's a Marimekko print lover to do? Make her own. With paint. And … [read more...]

Minion Mason Jar

Minion Mason Jar

Minions. You either love them or hate them.   Though, I have to say, I see much more love than hate. With the exception of my teen daughter. For some reason or other, Minions rub her the wrong way. And once she expressed her anti-Minion stance I took it upon myself to surround her with … [read more...]

Mason Jar Kid Craft: Summer Craft Idea for Kids Using Mason jars

Kid Craft for Summer

Where has the summer gone? Can you believe that there's only about a month left to do all the things you and the ids want to do this summer vacation? And, speaking of which, what exactly do the kids want to do this summer? This really fun family mason jar project from hello, wonderful blog is a … [read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts: Painted & Distressed Tropical Sunset Mason Jar

Tropical Sunset Mason Jar

When I was a young girl, I used to doodle. A lot.   I was a day dreamer. And many of those dreams involved sun and sand and water and palm trees. And over and over and over again I would create a tropical sunset vignette. With a little island. And a palm tree. With some birds flying in … [read more...]

Low Calorie Margarita

Low Cal Margarita

Nothing says summer vacation like a margarita. On the rocks. Or frozen. I'll take one either way. With salt on the rim. A slice of lime to garnish.   Yum.   Just thinking about it conjures images of sand and beach and warm tropical breezes. Sun kissed skin and that residue of … [read more...]

Salad Ideas: Red White Blue with Feta Cheese in Mason Jar

Red White & Blue Mason Jar Salad

One more red, white, and blue idea for this Fourth of July holiday weekend.   Only this one is edible. Red, white, and blue salad in a mason jar.   It looks amazingly delicious. Combining some of my all time favorites. Strawberries. Blueberries. And do I spy a layer of crumbly … [read more...]