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Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

There are some projects that I clunk my head and wonder, “why didn’t I think of that!”   And this mason jar lid pumpkin is just one of those projects.   So simple. Classic. A bit of raffia. a touch of burlap. And you have the perfect fall centerpiece for your Thanksgiving … [read more...]

mason jar pumpkin craft

Sweet Treat Pumpkins

  These pumpkin topped mason jar treat holders are super sweet …   oh, and inside they contain a super sweet candy mix that, according to this project’s creator, tastes just like a Payday candy bar!   I love the natural stem. And the leaf. And the puffed up top … [read more...]

mason jar crafts for halloween

Halloween in Mason Jars

Can you believe Halloween is just a few short weeks away? Weren’t we just applying sunscreen and frolicking in the ocean yesterday? Where has the time gone?   Speaking of time, there’s still time to make some fun Halloween crafts with the kids using mason jars. I’ve collected 30+ ideas … [read more...]

halloween candy corn dessert idea

Candy Corn Cheesecake

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of candy corn. Well, not a fan of how they taste …   unless, of course, they taste like cheesecake. Now that’s a candy corn flavor I can get behind!   I love this idea from I Heart Naptime. And even better yet, these treats are also portable. … [read more...]

Halloween recipe idea

Mason Jar Graveyard Cakes

Halloween is all about the candy, right? Sure there are costumes and pumpkins and haunted houses …   but at the end of the day, it’s really about the treats. Not the tricks. And this graveyard cake in a mason jar is the ultimate treat!   I love everything about this! I love how … [read more...]

mason jar craft for halloween

Halloween Boo Luminaries

These Halloween “BOO” luminaries are perfection! I love everything about them. The etched glass letters. The bats and the spiders. The bakers twine tied up with skulls …   And the kicker is that perfect orange-yellow glow when lit up with flameless candles.   These would be the … [read more...]

mason jar craft for halloween

Halloween Monster Jars

Can monsters be cute? It’s seems to be an oxymoron, right? But somehow these monster glitter slime monster jars from The 36th Avenue defy the odds …   A perfect blend of not-so-creepy monsters and cute. And the glitter slime will keep your cute little monsters occupied for … [read more...]


Halloween Treats in Jars

These Halloween mason jars are a two-in-one proposition. The outsides are decorated so cute with the wiggle eyes and bandages and black markers. But when you fill them up with some colorful cakes and icing and sprinkles? Yeah. That’s when the true Halloween magic happens!   How cute would … [read more...]

mason jar crafts for kids book

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids Book

It’s official. I’m a published author. Okay, soon-to-be-published author of a mason jar crafts for kids book.   That’s right. That’s my name up there. On the cover of my new book. A new book that is currently available for pre-order on and and and Books a … [read more...]

Halloween craft ideas

Pumpkin Mason Jars

I’m just so in love with these pumpkin mason jars that Desiree at The 36th Avenue created! Seriously. I love everything about them …   from the different shades of orange she used to create her mason jar pumpkin patch, to the wooden knobs as stems, to the styling of the photo … [read more...]

painted mason jar

Painted Mason Jar Giveaway

We’re almost at 25,000 fans on the Facebook page! To celebrate, I’m giving away a winner’s choice set of painted mason jars from my Etsy shop.   You can find the entry form by clicking here …   Good Luck!   Linda … [read more...]

halloween craft with mason jar

Spooky Mason Jar

I’ve admitted that I skew cute for Halloween. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the spooky too …   like this super creepy eyeball in a mason jar.   Shiver.   There’s nothing like disembodied skeleton hands holding up an eyeball to send a shiver down your … [read more...]

halloween craft spider mason jars

Spider Mason Jars

I’m surprised this particular Halloween mason jar craft hasn’t been created yet. Or if it has, it certainly didn’t show up in my Google search …   I found spiders on jars. And spiders in jars. And spider webs both inside and outside of jars. But not a single craft that turned an actual … [read more...]


Zombie Mason Jars

Just when I thought the blogging and crafting world had exhausted every way a mason jar can be used for Halloween crafts … my daughter handed me this brilliant idea. Zombie mason jars!   I was washing off some acrylic paint from a jar in the kitchen sink and my daughter commented that it … [read more...]

fall craft mason jar

Leaf Mason Jar

It’s almost Fall, y’all!   Yeah, I can’t pull that off. Not with my Jersey-meets-Chicago accent.   But what I can do is share a fabulous fall mason jar project idea. And this works equally as well in the South as it does in the North. Though, come to think of it, the deep South … [read more...]