Holiday Decor … with Jars


Holiday décor is a pretty vague title for this project …


but I’m not quite sure what to call these holiday mason jars.


Maybe holiday mason jar candy jars?



Or holiday gift jars?


Or maybe a holiday décor idea for a shelf or mantel or bookcase?



Or a fun gift card holder for the holidays?



… which is a brilliant idea I picked up at our holiday mason jar craft party from this blogger and this blogger …


No matter what I call them, they were really easy to make …






Step 1: Supplies

Two sizes of mason jars.

 (I found mine at Target.  You can also find them here at Ball Canning’s website.  Here and here ….)

Bottle brush trees

Winter figurines

Modeling clay (found mine at Michael’s)

Mod Podge


Glue gun



Step 2: Glue

Glue the lids to the bands …




and don’t forget to do this first.  Not that I forgot and had to go back once my trees and figurines were already glued to the lid. Winking smile




Step 3: Glue … again

Glue the figurines and bottle brush trees to the lids.




Step 4: Modeling Clay

Use the modeling clay to fill in empty spaces on lid.




Working all the way around; smooth with fingers.




In the end, the lid will look like snow.




Step 5: Glitter

I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  So I applied some Mod Podge with a paint brush …




… and sprinkled on a generous coat of glitter.




And while I’m still not sure what to ’officially’ call these holiday mason jars, ‘unofficially’ I just call them so stinking cute!









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  1. These are the cutest thing EVER! Pinning 🙂 xo

  2. I love these little figures that you used. Where did you find them.
    Check out the little mason jars on my last blog post. You can make a strand of lights with them. They are so cute.

  3. How about…. The Little Village Jar Tops. Village People Snow Jar. No not the YMCA ones. Snow On The Mountain Top. Jar with People On Top. Gift Jar. Snowy Gift Jar. I give up, I don’t know either.

  4. I’m thinking of doing this on large mason jars filled with cookies as a teacher gift. What kind of modelling clay did you use? Is it soft like the Crayola one or does it harden? I wonder if I need to worry about glitter getting in the cookies? Hmmm, something to think about.

  5. Wyatt Wellman says:

    Hi, where can I find some figurines like this? Great article!

  6. I love these jars…so adorable!!!

    Big question…where’d you get that fancy schmancy glue gun? I must possess one!

  7. I would like to know what it is that you put in the jar? I have seen this item used in a few different projects and I love the look of it. I just don’t know what it is.

    • In the jars pictured, I just filled them with faux snow that I found at the craft store. But you can also fill with candies and use as a candy jar!

  8. I still love these!!!


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