How To Spray Paint Jars


Spray painting mason jars is really easy. As in super easy. So my sharing a how to spray paint mason jars seems a bit silly …


… but, in my defense, I do have a few tips to share.


Like (1) Here’s the spray paint brand I use …




And (2) I shake that can up. A lot. And I shake in-between sprays. A lot …


… and not just because I love the sound of those beads in the can rolling around. It really does serve a purpose to keep the paint mixed up.


Then there’s (3). I spray side to side. Shake. Depress nozzle. Move from left to right. And back right to left.


Four (4) is the most important one. Especially when using this particular brand of gold spray paint. I only use one coat. Okay, one thick coat. Most spray paint instructions tell you to use multiple thin coats. But with the Valspar Metallic gold spray paint, I found that multiple coats dulls the metallic finish.  So I do that shake and depress the nozzle and move left to right. And back again right to left. And maybe a few more sweeps back and forth to make sure the coverage is complete.



And that’s it. My 4 steps for success in spray painting mason jars gold using Valspar Metallic gold spray paint.





  1. Great painting tip. I would also love to know your tips for drying the jars. Do you just keep them upside down to spray and dry? If so, do you go back and spray the top rim after the bottom has dried? Thanks!

  2. Adriane says:

    Do you use a clear coat or anything ?? Or just the one coat of gold paint?? These are beautiful!

    • I don’t use a clear coat with the gold spray paint. It discolors the paint.

      • Linda these are beautiful. I am planning a bridal shower and I would like to paint the mason jars Navy Blue. Would I do the same thing for this? Any suggestions you might have? Thank you!

        • Yes, spray paint will work! But if you don’t have a space to spray paint, you could also hand paint with a brush (not a foam one, a bristle one) using acrylic craft paint. You’ll need at least two coats. And make sure you don’t get the Enamel or Multi-Surface since those are more transparent. Then seal with a clear spray top coat – you can use a matte or gloss finish depending on your preference.

  3. Are you painting the outside or inside of the jar

  4. are you painting the outside or the inside of the mason jar.

  5. Little Miss says:

    When I paint mine gold for Etsy, I paint 1 thick coat first, then a clear coat over that after it dries. Once clear coat has dried, I spray another coat of the gold ON TOP of the clear to get back that shiny finish. I have found that the metallic paints are very sensitive and chip at pretty much nothing. I wrapped one in bubble wrap for a customer and even the plastic was causing it damage. With that extra layer, if it chips, you’ll still see a dulled gold underneath and it give it a nice rustic look. I, too, use that spray paint. Valspar is the BEST!

    • Thanks for the tip! I’ve had that same bubble wrap issue. Now my first layer is the smooth side against the jar. I also give them at least two days to dry before wrapping, and sometimes three if I can!

      🙂 Linda

  6. Do you do any kind of prep work to the jars before painting them?

    • I just make sure they are clean – especially if I’m using jars that have been used. I wash them with hot soapy water and let dry completely.

  7. Do you recommend sealing the spray paint after by baking them in the oven or no? I have done that before with acrylic paint but wondering if I should do the same with spray paint

    • I’ve never tried that before but my first reaction was no. I’m mostly worried about the fumes in the house since the spray paint is so strong.

  8. Is it safe to spray paint mason jars for candles? I would love to use my pastel spray colors for my homemade beeswax candles but will the paint still be a hazard once dry?

    • I’m not sure but I don’t think flames and spray paint would be a good mix. Perhaps if you can make sure the flame doesn’t get near the paint.

  9. Hey , do you bake these Masson jars after painting ?

  10. may i use this for a digital collage? P.

  11. Hi,
    What kind of flowers did you use in the gold jars? I’m looking for flowers that same exact color 🙂

  12. Charlotte says:

    These are very pretty. Do you paint the bottom? Sounds silly but I have never done this before.


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