Animal Topped Mason Jars

mason-jar-gift-idea-animal-topped-jar zoo animals

These animal topped mason jars have been on my hit list for months now.  I think they make the perfect kid gift idea.  Or baby shower gift idea.  Or addition to a kid’s room.  Only problem with last one is my youngest kid is a soon-to-be-teen girl …


Try as I might to convince her that zoo animals glued to the tops of mason jars and spray painted fun colors is totally in.  And hip.  And too cool for school, she wasn’t buying it.


Ah well …


So I resorted to Plan B.  The great nieces.  Two little tow-headed sweeties.  The perfect age for some fun animal-topped mason jars to store crayons and art supplies and hair clips …


And since there are two of them, I made two versions.  Zoo animals brightly colored for the bold little one …



And horses painted in soft, pastel girly colors for the girly girl …

mason-jar-gift-idea-animal-topped-mason-jars 2

These were super simple to make …




1. Glue Mason Jar Lids to Bands

Using crazy glue, I glued the lids of the mason jars to the bands …


mason-jar-gift-idea-animal-topped-jars 2-2

Let dry completely …

 mason-jar-gift-idea-animal-topped-jars 2


2. Glue Animals to Tops of Lids

Using crazy glue, I glued the animal feet to the tops of the lids.  Let dry completely.


mason-jar-gift-idea-animal-topped-jars 2-3


3.  Spray Paint

Spray paint animals and lids …


mason-jar-gift-idea-animal-topped-jars 2-4

I gave each of mine two coats …

mason-jar-gift-idea-animal-topped-jars 3-2

 All that’s left is to screw the tops onto your jars …


And enjoy your amazing handiwork!



P.S.  I have a great nephew too.  And don’t worry, he hasn’t been forgotten.  I made him dinosaur topped jars that I’ll be sharing on my other blog on Monday …




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  1. I do believe these are my favorite mason jar craft! I have some with little dachshunds (big surprise) on the top filled with doggie treats…love them and I love these…they are the perfect gift for ALL ages!!!! Thanks for sharing your mason jar awesomeness with us every day…it’s tons of fun and inspiring! Hugs…

  2. This is so cute! I’m going to try it in primary colors with matchbox cars to match my best friend’s little boy’s room!

  3. Super cute, the only thing that would worry me is that being glass, kids would want to have them and to play with them, but it could be a bad idea in that regard….

  4. Cameron Starc says:

    Hi Linda,
    My wife, who grew up in Mt Prospect, and I planned this activity for a summer day camp called High Five at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin (there is one in Rolling Meadows too). Thank you for sharing it. We are uber excited to teach the campers how to make these THEN use them to store other things they are making like deodorant and toothpaste. Doesn’t that sound like fun? The name of our elective is called Handcrafted Hipsters. Woop woop!
    Cameron, the not as crafty as my wife hipster

    • That sounds like such a great crafty camp idea!!! How fun – and I’m so glad I was able to help out! :)Linda

  5. Hi, which brand of spray paint did you use? 🙂

  6. I love this idea!! Can’t wait to try it myself!!! Have you ever used the Krazy Glue brand glue to adhere the animals to the lid? If not, do you think it will work well? What type of glue did you use in the tutorial?

    • Crazy glue would absolutely work! I just used what I had on hand, which was a Loctite brand fast dry adhesive. You could also use a glue gun too.

  7. I love these and can totally use the idea for my daughter’s Woodland Animal theme 1st birthday party using different animals such as owls, deer, etc. instead 🙂 Thanks!


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