Mason Jar Bathroom Storage & Accessories

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

I’ve seen these painted and distressed mason jar bathroom storage and accessories sets on Etsy for the past year or so and have to admit I’ve been intrigued …

Bathroom Storage Ideas with Mason Jars

My first concern has been durability. Especially if you’re using craft paint. It’s water soluble. And even with a top clear coat, I worried that they finish would eventually wash off. Or peel off. Which has made me reluctant to try my hand at creating this mason jar bathroom storage set …


and sharing it with you!

But all that changed when I was introduced to Amy Howard’s One Step paint (which, by the way, I found at my neighborhood Ace Hardware store). Now, I’ll admit the finish isn’t permanent permanent. But it’s much more durable than craft paint. Especially after you give it a clear sealant coat.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage & Accessories Set DIY

Bathroom Storage Ideas with mason Jars

Give your jars two coats of Amy Howard One Step Paint in your choice of color; let dry completely between coats.

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder (6 of 11)

After the second coat dries overnight, distress the raised lettering on the mason jar. I use 80 grit sandpaper.

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder (7 of 11)

Finish it with two coats of a matte finish sealant. This is my go to product that I found at Michael’s.


Mason Jar Crafts Ideas for Bathroom Storage

For the toothbrush holder, I used a mason jar lid insert that is meant for a flower arrangement.

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder (11 of 11)

For the soap dispenser, I purchased the lid converter kit from an Etsy shop (I purchased it from a shop called Martin & Company which you can find by clicking here).

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder 2 (3 of 3)

And that’s it.  The smallest jar is a 4 oz. quilted jelly jar. The cotton balls are in one of Ball’s Elite Collection jars (1/2 pint).

mason-jar-crafts-painted-distressed-bathroom-organizer-soap-dispenser-toothbrush-holder 2 (2 of 3) 2

And now I have a pretty and stylish storage and organization solution for my bathroom!

Bathroom Organization Ideas with Mason Jars



And I have a book filled with mason jar crafts for kids. Click here for more …

Craft Ideas for Kids Using Mason Jars



  1. Love these! I like the variety of sizes and textures of the different jars. Pinned, and am so doing this next week!

  2. I love these!! Pinning!

  3. Gorgeous! Would you consider guest posting this article on my blog –
    Found you through Between Naps on the Porch.

  4. How do you like this paint over ASCP ??? I never had your success of only using craft paint so I’ve used different craft store and brands of chalk paint always first. But I am curious if this paint is better than Maison Blanche or ASCP??

    • I like this paint for it’s durability, but I’ll be honest that the chalk paints (ASCP, Rust-Oleum, and Americana chalk paint are most forgiving and deliver the best results when distressing. I think the Amy Howard paint is fabulous for furniture, though! It’s almost like a primer but prettier!

  5. These are beautiful! I need to finish my master bathroom remodel ASAP so I can make some for my bathroom organization! Pinned and sharing 🙂

  6. These are gorgeous! I definitely would have thought they were very very expensive!

  7. These are gorgeous!! May I ask which color of Amy Howard One Step paint this is? It’s such a pretty shade of white! Thanks so much!!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing how you did this! I;ve been wanting to make these for ages! Where did you order individual mason jars at those sizes? I find whenever I look around I can’t find the sizes I need, or I have to get them in bulk. Also, that one step paint, does it come in different colors? Thanks!

    • I’ve seen some individual jars for sale at Michaels and Joanns, but mostly just pint sized. I haven’t seen them like that in the other sizes, unfortunately. As for paint, the one-step comes in lots of different colors — and it can even be mixed up to the color of your choice. Check it out at your local Ace store! 🙂

  9. These look great. I have made these for my bathroom but not painted them. Bed Bath and beyond sells a mason jar hand soap for $7.99 ($6.40 with a coupon!) You could take the lid off and put it on a jar of your choice (mine have been the blue or green clear glass ones) for less than the ones you find on Etsy…plus you get hand soap and no shipping! That’s what I’m gong to do next time I make a set up for a friend. They make cute housewarming gifts.
    I can’t wait to paint some…they look adorbs!

  10. I really like the idea of painting the outside that way you can clean the inside. Cool beans.

  11. I cannot find the mason jar pumps on the etsy website you have mentioned. The pumps which are showing up are very small. How will you pump out the soap with those small pumps?

  12. Love this. And I am in love with that white. I’m getting ready to paint some book cases with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I got the pure white and the old white to mix, but I’m not digging the old white. It makes it feel yellow instead of a beautiful creamy white like this. I need to figure out what to mix with the pure white to get this look.

    • I’m not sure what to use to get that color. I painted my jars with Amy Howard paint (which you can find at Ace Hardware, by the way).

      • I have started making my own chalk paint. Much cheaper and I get to experiment with colors I already have.

  13. Hi. Where’s the best (i.e. cheapest) place to get Mason jars? I’m really interested in getting started with jar crafting, but I need some jars first. 🙂 Being a one-income family, we’re really on a budget, so I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Any advice you could give would be very much appreciated! I’m pinning this to save for later.

    • I find mine at the hardware store, grocery store, and Target. The pints run about $9.99-$12 for a case of 12. About $1 per jar. They also sell them as individual jars at Michaels and JoAnns but, if you can use the dozen, it’s more cost effective to purchase the full case. If you only need one or two jars then Michaels probably offers the best price – especially if you have a coupon! Hope that helps! 🙂

    • Donna Seymour says:

      You can find these jars at the Goodwill

  14. What exact color did you use

  15. Katie J says:

    I am totally going to try this – pinned! I’m wondering, though, if there’s a way that you could get a different base to show through? We have gold fixtures in our bathroom, so I thought it could be neat to have gold peaking through from the sanding. Any thoughts? I assume a gold layer of paint underneath would just sand off as well. Any other products I could create a gold base with that you would recommend? Thank so much!

    • I fear a gold base would just sand away! The only way is to paint the inside gold. That would be okay as long as you aren’t using anything liquid inside the jars.

  16. These are absolutely gorgeous!!
    Thanks for sharing

  17. Hi! Was just wondering where did you get those lids from? Wonderful idea!

  18. Hi Linda, I want to thank you for this wonderful tutorial!!! I just got the pumps from Adam at the
    Etsy shop you had a link to. I have everything all set to make some.
    Awesome!!! Thanks again

  19. To the other posters I found Target to have really good prices on jars. I also got those wider short ones on ebay. They are so cute!
    This is the perfect project for my bathroom re-do. I can’t wait 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice about Target! Yes, they do offer a good price on jars! And they do have the wide short ones (the Ball Elite jars).

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