Mason Jar Pour Spout


I’m not sure what I love more about this post from The Cheese Thief …


I mean, Rena’s tutorial on how to make a mason jar pour spout is a head-clunking why didn’t I think of that!


And then there’s Rena’s recipe for making Thai Fried Garlic.  From her mom.  She calls them little morsels of heaven …


and after reading her recipe, I may have to agree.


I have making these heavenly morsels on the tippy top of my new recipes to make list!  And I will absolutely store these heavenly fried garlic pieces in a mason jar fitted with a pretty do-it-yourself pour spout …


which Rena has also shown us how easy it is to make.


You can find the little morsels of heaven Thai Fried Garlic recipe and pour spout DIY tutorial at The Cheese Thief.  Just click here …



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  1. Hey I’m neck and neck with that post…. I have my kosher salt in a mason jar with the lid from the Morton’s girl. Mine’s not cute thought, I better do that.

  2. Lovin this! So creative and SOOOOOOO useful!!!! We are salt cellar users…but I would love to have this for my sea salt that I use in pasta water! Thanks for sharing and GREAT project!!! hugs…

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