Valentine Glitter Votives

valentine-mason-jar-candle-3 2

There’s a lot of glitter … and glittering …  going on around here. I’m pretty sure I’ll be vacuuming up glitter right on up until Valentine’s Day. And probably beyond …


Glitter never really, truly goes away, does it?


But these mason jar heart votives turned out so cute. Definitely worth glittergeddon!


I started with a half-pint (8-oz) regular mouth mason jar, a foam heart I found at Michael’s (part of a package containing various sizes of foam hearts) and painter’s tape.


I used the foam heart at a guide to cute out a heart shape from the painter’s tape.


The I affixed the heart to the mason jar.


I painted the jar with white paint. And removed the painter’s tape heart.


Once completely dry (I let mine dry overnight) I used a paint brush to paint on Mod Podge (obviously painting around the heart shape).


Then I generously glittered.


valentine-mason-jar-candle-6 2

I added ribbon and a bow to finish it off …

valentine-mason-jar-candle-4 3


valentine-mason-jar-candle-5 2

I made a pink glitter jar too. For that one, I first painted a base coat of paint. But I made a mistake. I left the painter’s tape heart on the jar when I applied the Mod Podge and glitter. I decided to remove the painter’s tape heart right after I applied the glitter. But the Mod Podge softened the paint. And I ended up pulling off some paint too …

valentine-mason-jar-candle 2

Leaving a wonky shaped heart cut out …




Ah well. Live and learn …




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  1. I am loving these so much Linda, think will make one each for Grand daughters. will use battery candles tho. That way they’ll have something little different from me. Wonder if I have enuf glitter. What kind of glitter did you use, it’s looks thick? Happy week

    • I think it looks thick because I painted the base of the jar first. Oh, and I was very generous with Mod Podge and glitter layers. I found my glitter at Michaels. Good luck! 🙂 Linda

  2. Wonky is good, I’m a little wonky 😉 Love these!

  3. Love all your mason jars ideas! They always look amazing. I wondered whether you considered selling these in your etsy shop.

    • I’ll have to think on that. They are kind of messy with all that glitter and all. So they do shed! Not sure if they’ll survive all that bubble wrap or would end up “bald” when delivered! LOL! 🙂

  4. What kind of mod podge did you use?

    • I just used the regular old Mod Podge I found at the craft store. You could use glue too. Just add a bit of water first. 🙂 Linda

  5. Mary Lynch says:

    What kind of paint is best?

    • I use matte acrylic paint from the craft store. Americana or Folk Art brands. Just don’t use any labeled “multi-surface” or “enamel” as they tend to be a bit opaque.

  6. These are adorable!! Love your work. Can I use any glitter? Similar to kids glitter that sprinkles on?

    Thank you

  7. Joy Phillips says:

    What kind of paint did you use? I put 1 coat on. Then when i put the 2 coat on. The first coat comes off. How many coats should i do?

    • I use acrylic craft paint in a matte finish. You need to give it at least 24 hours dry time before applying the second coat otherwise you’ll fun into that problem.


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