Glass Paint on Mason Jars


I have yet to try glass paint on mason jars.  I’m not sure what’s been holding me back.  Perhaps it was because I never found a tutorial that could sway me to try it out …


until now, that is …


I mean, just look at that cute mason jar cotton-ball-holder that’s been painted with frosted glass paint in turquoise.  And then distressed.  All the creation of the adorable twins, Kelli and Kristi, who blog at Lolly Jane.


And the best part: the mason jar was a found object.  So Kristi has nothing to lose when she decided to try out that frosted glass paint …


and I think we can all agree gained an amazing new bathroom storage container in the process.  I especially love the treatment she gave to the lid.  Using a bit more paint.  And a glass knob …


which really classes it up.  🙂


You can find the full tutorial on how to paint and distress a mason jar with frosted glass paint at Lolly Jane.




  1. Wow…they look amazing! They did such an awesome job with the tutorial too! Looks like a project that should be tackled! Thank you my friend for bringing us the creme da la creme! hugs…

  2. Love this idea….and the lid with the crystal top! Perfection!

    Happy day to you!

  3. Its on my craft to do list also! What is wrong with us!? It should have been checked off long ago!! 😉

  4. Smooches to you for sharing this, sweet Linda! Thank you! (: xoxox

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