Peeps Mason Jars for Easter

How to Make Painted Peeps Mason Jars for Easter: Mason Jar Craft Idea for Easter. 

Mason Jar Craft for Easter: Painted Chick Mason Jar

I have to admit a super secret truth here: I’ve been getting painted mason jar ideas from nail art. Like these painted and distressed peeps mason jars for Easter. I first spotted this design on a nail … 😉


When you think about it, it makes sense. Nail beds are very similar in shape to the front of a mason jar. They’re just a smaller scale canvas.

Easter Crafts - Peeps Mason Jars

So when I Google image searched ‘Easter nail art’ and these cutest little chicks in eggs popped up, I couldn’t resist. They looked just like Peeps to me. So I decided to add pink and a blue painted peeps mason jars too.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Easter - Easter Chick Craft

Too cute! 🙂

How To Make Peeps Mason Jars for Easter

Mason Jar Craft Ideas - Mason Jar Easter Egg Craft

Step 1: Start with a mason jar painted white. I gave mine two coats of white primer. Let dry between coats and dry overnight before proceeding to next step.

How To Make Peeps Mason Jars for Easter

Step 2: Start with the most amazing Washi tape ever: zig zag Washi. I found mine at the craft store.

How To Make Chick Peeps Mason Jars for Easter

Step 3: Give it a thick coat of yellow paint. I went with one coat.

Peeps Mason Jars for Easter: Mason Jar Craft Idea

Step 4: Remove tape when dry.

Craft Ideas for Easter with Mason Jars

Step 5: Touch up white paint.

Easter Craft Ideas: Peeps Mason Jars

Step 6: To create beak, start with a dot of orange.

Mason Jar Crafts for Easter

Step 7: Use a toothpick to pull orange paint into a triangle shape.

Peeps Craft Idea

Step 8: Use black paint and a fine tipped brush to make eyes.

Mason jar crafts

Step 9: Once dry, give the jar a light distressing along the raised “MASON” letters …

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Kids

… and along the top threads …

Painted Distressed Mason Jars for Easter

… and sides.

Mason Jar Craft

Step 10: Seal with a clear coat spray.

Spray Sealant - Clear Matte Finish

And you’re done …

Easter Craft with Mason Jars


Peeps Mason Jars for Easter: Mason Jar Craft Ideas

P.S. You can find the tutorial for how I made the Easter Egg Mason Jars by clicking here …

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Easter Egg Mason Jars (click here)

P.P.S. I’m also selling the peeps mason jars for Easter at my Etsy shop …

Easter Mason Jars

Easter Egg & Peeps Mason Jar Set (click here)

Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Easter - Easter Chick Craft

Set of Three Peeps Mason Jars (click here)


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  1. I love your blog. I always read. But I did not!! Once!! Last year on the duck egg blue jars which have been all over this year. So I’m so pleased you refeatured the link to the post and how to recreate them. I felt silly so excited only to see it was featured by you a year ago!!! See what happens if I skip just one post?!! Quite a big deal. Heehee. I really like the addition of the peep to the other two. It’s a cheerful hobby. And I did do daisies except they needed a reddish orange center with yellow pedals on a turquoise jar just because of the drapes it is near. Oh so simple because of your ideas!!!
    I wondered though why you’ve switched to primer as your base and not chalk paint.

    • Thanks so much! I’ve found the primer works better when I’m taping off the jars. Even with the chalk paint and the washi tape, it was pulling off the paint and driving me crazy! But with primer as my white base coat I’m not having that problem anymore! Okay, sometimes a few pulling up of paint but nothing like acrylic and chalk paint!

  2. Liz Weiss says:

    Love it. I know one of the owners of Just Born ( peeps mfg ) and he would love this. Liz

  3. These are just the most adorable Mason jars – I absolutely love them! Visiting from i should be mopping the floor – pinning and tweeting! Thanks for sharing and have a happy week!

  4. Hi Linda
    These jars are so adorable and cute, what a fantastic idea for Easter. Thank you so much for sharing, can’t wait to give it a go! Hope you don’t mind me linking to this post for awesome DIY’s to try this spring. x

  5. Liz Weiss says:

    Where did you find the zig zag washi tape? I’ve looked everywhere to no avail.

    • It’s called W R Memory Keepers ( and I found it at Jo-Ann’s near the scrapbooking stuff.

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