Ghosts In Mason Jars


Ghosts in mason jars.  That’s the title I decided on in the end …


but there were so many, many ideas to choose from.


Seriously.  I wasn’t sure what to call these …


Halloween globes?  Mason jar ghost terrariums?  Halloween dioramas … in a jar?


Boo Ball Jars …


… and I know you’re reading this Miss Bliss.  And I know – I KNOW — where you head is going.  So try to keep it clean in the comments thread, okay?  And that holds true for you too KirbySmile


You two “ladies” might want to take a lesson from Andrea … Winking smile


I digress.  Back to the project at hand.  When I saw these …


Ghosts in a cloche


or is it under a cloche?


All I know is those cloched ghosts sparked an idea.  An idea that put ghosts in mason jars.  Like a snow globe.  But for Halloween.  Without the snow …


How To Make A ‘Ghosts In A Jar’ Halloween Globe




I started with my supplies …



1. Ball Canning Mason Jars in pint- and quart-sizes.  Check.

2. Styrofoam disks and balls from the dollar store.  Check.

3. Moss from the dollar store. Check.

4. Sharpie. Check.

5. Twigs from yard. Check.

6. Gauze from First Aid Kit. Check.

7. Scissors.  Check.

8. Glue Gun. Not Pictured but Check.

Trace outline from inside of mason jar lid onto Styrofoam disk.  I used a pen and pushed hard.  Don’t worry. It doesn’t need to be perfect.  It’ll be covered up …




Cut it out.  Oh, and it’s messy …




Glue Mason Jar lid to band …




Glue messy-to-cut-out-Styrofoam-circle to underside of lid …




Stick your stick from the yard into the Styrofoam …




Now it’s time to make the ghosts …



Cut a piece of gauze and wrap it around the little Styrofoam ball …




Use a Sharpie to make eyes …




Then stick the Styrofoam ball ghost onto one of the branches …




Add moss to cover the boring Styrofoam base …




Screw jar onto the lid.


  Upside down …




And you are done …


Boo!  Smile






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  1. Now these are just tooooooooo cute!!!!! I love them…you never cease to amaze me and I do believe you nailed the title even though the others were extremely entertaining ; ) Now Miss Kirby…if you are reading this…behave : ) lol!!! Hugs to all and I have to go buy some more mason jars…I am now emptying the ones on the shelves to make these things out of…eeesh…supplies are going in tea cups…see what you started Miss MJ! : ) One day i am going to wake up to the head lines…CHICAGO RUNS OUT OF MASON JARS!!!! : ) hugs…

  2. Thanks for the shout out to the Ghosts in a Cloche (is it “under” a cloche? I’m not sure). Your version is super-cute, too!

    • Sharon – you are so welcome! Thank YOU so much for the amazing inspiration! Seriously. When I saw your project I was so excited to recreate in a mason jar that I ran out to the dollar store to get my supplies! 🙂 Linda

  3. After reading this post I think I just disappointed myself. I didn’t think of anything off color. I was just thinking dammmm those are cute.

  4. DARLING! (Not me or Bliss, but the ghosts. This makes me wish I taught pre-school. What a GREAT idea! I’m sending it to my friend who does teach pre-school…I think she’ll love it!)

  5. Adorable! I have to send this to my nieces- they will love to make these.
    They make me smile!

  6. Cute! Hmmm…now it’s got me to thinking…what can I put ghosts in?!! Kirby and Bliss, thanks for keeping it clean.

  7. What a cute idea -looks easy enough for the lttle ones to help. I have a case of mason jars that need a purpose! Jennifer

  8. These are definitely the cutest! Shall store the project in my memory bank as a project to do with the Grandchildren. Thank you for sharing …. and an early HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU. ☺ -Brenda-

  9. These are really cute!

  10. Love your ghosts in a jar! What a fun Halloween decoration.

  11. Boo Ball Jars….I love that LOL these are seriously so dang cute I can’t even take it!! So creative! Come link up to the Style Sisters party and share this post with us.

  12. Joyce McCart says:

    This is soooo cute!!!!! My grandchilds birthday is on Halloween, thanks we will be making these. I would like to see or find out if you have books for sale or other tutorials. My emai address is THANK YOU THIS IS AMAZING

  13. These are awesome! so creative and great tutorial! 🙂

  14. I so with I had seen these before today. Now, I’m just gonna have to follow you! 🙂

  15. I have a deep, dark, closet under the steps in my 100+ year old house. I have a warped sense of what is funny, usually things that scare the crap out of people, especially my kids, and now grandkids. I have been secretly working on a witch-warlock spell work bench since summer of 2013, collecting dead bugs, mouse carcasses, items to turn into scales from a sleeping dragon, rot from beneath a troll’s toes, breath of fairies who breath no more, and such.
    How fun would it be to have these ghosts glow in the dark? Yep, gonna add this to the spell work bench. Once I create names for everything, I am going to list them and ask friends to create spells for a spell book.
    I have a low hanging rod in the closet for the kids dress up clothes, with hooks for hats, a trunk for shoes, purses, etc. and other dress-up, play house items at the half-way point of the closet. I am going to move the trunk further back, so they need to go all the way into the closet. The older kids can read and are totally into Harry Potter…I have not completely hatched my plan…but, oh when I do! Thank you for the ghost idea…now, to make it glow in the dark!

  16. This is just too cute! Love!

  17. These ghosts are adorable! I followed along and made some too. You can see them on my blog and I linked back to you so my peeps can see how easy it was to do!

  18. Well, you had me at mason jar. But add the ghosts and I can’t wait to make these! Super cute and I know everyone here will love them! I would love if you would stop by and share these at my blog party, Celebrate It! It’s all about celebrating our everyday lives!



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