Spa in A Jar

Spa In A Jar

A gift is always good.  But a gift in a mason jar?  Yeah, that’s great!  And a  gift  we would gladly and happily accept for any occasion …


That’s because Tonia at The Gunny Sack filled this Spa in a Jar with so many amazing things.  Including scrubs and rubs and salts that she made herself.  And she provides links to detailed tutorials and recipes as part of her post so we can make our very own.


Oh, and do you see how pretty everything looks in that jar?  With all those pretty labels?  Yeah, Tonia has taken care of that for us too.  She provides links to printables too.  So you’ll be able to fully recreate her beautiful creation …


… and give it to someone you know who deserves some pampering.


You can find the full tutorial and links at The Gunny Sack.



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  1. I love mason jars. We are doinga Christmas Bazarr at my church. I looking for new ideas


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